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FAQ: "Are Those Weeds Emerging in My Plant Beds?"
Posted on Apr 28th, 2017

With the start of the new growing season, some Homeowners have asked this question, noticing new growth popping up from under the mulch, and creeping along the edges of plant beds, driveways, and walkways. Inspections by both pest control and landscaping have confirmed most of these are, in fact, not weeds--they are new shoots of zoysia grass popping up to greet the sun!
Spring is a time of year where a lot of beds are start showing grass popping up in them. The reason is that the rhizomes of these grasses have been growing during the off season, even while the blades are dormant. Now that it is warm enough, these root systems are pushing up blades. Unfortunately, even edging can't cut deep enough to keep roots from growing into the beds, and the extended root growth is unidentifiable until the new blades come in.
Over the next several weeks and months, the landscaping company will be applying multiple sprays to these shoots (where they are a safe distance from plants in the mulch beds). Each spray takes at least one week to be effective, at which point the dead grass is raked out, or an additional spray is applied.
If you are interested in taking additional measures to help remove this growth, the landscaper has advised not to hand pull these shoots, as it will not pull the entire root system, and stimulates the roots to produce more new growth.
If you are not sure if what you have observed in your beds are zoysia grass shoots or weeds, or if you have any questions about this information, please reach out to the Management office by phone to (352) 335-7848, or by email to FinleyWoods@mssgainesville.com.
We wish your yards a healthy growing season!
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