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AT&T Fiber Optic Work in Finley Woods
Posted on Dec 19th, 2016

AT&T has a project planned to upgrade their existing facilities in the neighborhood. Below is some information so that you can be prepared!
The work will be to install new state of the art communications facilities allowing for higher internet speeds and more features for residents.  No existing service will be disturbed.  The project will require some digging within the right of way and the installation of new, smaller terminals (8” x 8” approximately 16” high).  All restoration is guaranteed by AT&T.  Attached is a list of frequently asked questions we believe may be helpful to explain what AT&T will be doing.  AT&T will place door hangers on residents' doors prior to construction.  The door hanger will have the name and contact information for the construction company should any restoration be required. Please contact AT&T directly for any issues you experience.
CLICK HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions Sheet
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